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Wild Valley Designs

Grinch Mica Watercolour Paint

Grinch Mica Watercolour Paint

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Hand mulled watercolour paint. Mica watercolour paint has a beautiful shimmer when applied to watercolour paper.

The pans are constructed from PLA plastic and printed in house. PLA plastic is sensitive to high temperatures and may deform is exposed to heat. Please keep out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. 

This paint is made with watercolour binder which includes:
*Gum arabic
*Honey from family grown honey bees
*Food grade glycerin
*Tea tree

4 different options:
*Half Pan 2-2.5ml
*Quarter Pan 1-1.5ml
*Hexagon and Rectangle shaped pans

How to use:
*Drop clean water onto the pan, let it sit for up to 3 minutes to re-activate the paint to get the creamiest consistency. 
*Allow your paint pan to dry completely (before closing your palette) to avoid mould. 
*Keep it in a dry area

This paint is lovingly handcrafted, which means each paint pan is unique, and slight variations can occur within the paint.  Bubbles, cracks and sticky spots are normal and will not affect the quality of the paint. 

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